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Neptune Electric Guitar & Bass Bundle

Navi Retlav Studio, Ltd.

  • • Electric Guitar & Bass Emulation Tool
  • • Guitar Processing Effects
  • • Reason 10 Template Songs

Audio examples

Imagine a secret project that started over 6 years ago and had multiple improvements and revisions over time. Now it’s finally perfect and ready for you to use. It’s our hybrid tool for designing your own bass and electric guitars based on the Propellerheads Neptune re-tuning technology. We started with Clean DI recordings for maximum flexibility and processing freedom, including sustained notes, palm mutes and ghost notes. Then a ton of sound-shaping options were added. Including tone, damping, formant shifting, as well as humbucker pickup frequency response simulation. All articulations can be controlled via accessible key-switches and dedicated key-zones, including: sustained notes, palm mutes, ghost notes, legato up & down (AKA hammer-ons & pull-offs), pinch harmonics, fret noise, fret buzz, scrapes, sympathetic resonance and noisefloor. Each ReFill contains a multiple of all-purpose “Complete Rigs” and “Utility FX” Combinator effect patches like feedback loop simulation. Cabinet impulse responses for the RV7000 mkII are also included together with hundreds of midi files and a bundle of template songs to get you ready for composing in no time. If you produce pop, folk, rock, hard rock, metal, reggae, funk, or soul, or just need a guitar simulation, this will be heaven for you.

Included in this bundle

  • Neptune Electric Bass
    Sampled Basses
    Based on the same combination of multisampling and Neptune pitch-shifting, the Neptune Electric Bass ReFill is designed to be used together with its electric guitar brother and will get your...

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  • Neptune Electric Guitar
    Sampled Guitars
    Navi Retlav Studio and Odarmonix (AKA ODNX Sound) have teamed up once again to bring you another meticulously-crafted product. For the first time, we’re stepping into the electric guitar sampling...

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