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Synth Power

Two unique synths

Rob Papen

  • • Get two synths and save 30%
  • • B.I.T.—an analog-modeled tone monster
  • • Quad—tweak on the fly with the XY pads

Audio examples

Synth genius Rob Papen makes some of the most popular instruments for Reason. We’ve created the Synth Power bundle so you can get two of his unique devices and save 30%.

Included in this bundle

  • B.I.T. Instrument
    BIT-RE synthesizer
    B.I.T. stands for Back In Time… So, no spectrum waveforms, or samples inside B.I.T. nope, it is pure ‘Analogue Modelled’ synthesis.

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  • Rob Papen Quad Instrument
    Rob Papen Quad
    QUAD is the first RE synthesizer built from the ground up for Reason by the Rob Papen team. The PhaseDistortion & WaveShaper in each of its Oscillators combined with the XY Pad creates a unique sound.

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