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Triad Multiband Bundle

Tweaker's Paradise

AirRaid Audio

Take a trip into the world of creative sound-mangling with our suite of inspirational multiband Rack Extensions.

Included in this bundle

  • Mutagen Multiband Distortion
    Multiband Distortion
    Mutagen is a unique take on the multiband distortion concept. It features 3 bands—which can be routed anyway you like; 15 powerful distortion algorithms; a freely-assignable Envelope Follower; per...

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  • Pandemic Multiband Autopan
    Multiband Autopan
    Pandemic is a wholly unorthodox multiband autopan. It features 3 bands—which can be routed anyway you like, each of which with its own, dedicated band mid/side width controls, frequency spreaders,...

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  • Relapse Multiband Delay
    Multiband Delay
    Relapse is an innovative take on the traditional tape-delay concept. It offers three fully-featured delay modules, per-band frequency-shifters, tape saturators, and multimode filters. Add to this...

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