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Advanced Mixing and Mastering Workshop

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Advanced Mixing and Mastering Workshop

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Reason delivers all kinds of powerful tools to mix and master your music. Learn the Mo Volans mix/master pro workflow and see in this 36 tutorial course how you can make your tracks explode with energy – all within the awesome Reason.

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This course is all about workflow – and how a good mix and mastering job depends upon really good track preparation. In the first section of this 36-tutorial course you see how Mo gets himself organized.

Sloppy beginnings make for messy results, and that's why you first learn how to clean up your MIDI and audio to ensure that everything is totally tight – before you put on that final polish. This section also explores grouping related tracks to help organize, control and balance out instrumental sections.??In the section on MIDI, samples and effects processing, Mo explores perfecting lead, pad and other essential parts. Here is where you start to use some cool Rack Extensions to enhance the sonic musicality of your mix.

The final collection of tutorials is all about mastering. Here is where you conquer the all important mastering chain, sample rates and bit depth. But that's just the science. Mo also takes you on a listening adventure as he applies EQ, compression, reverb and other processing that takes your hard- earned mix and transforms it into an intensely loud and insanely professional sounding track.

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How Does It Work?

After buying this online course, you will receive your personal AskVideo access code and a URL that takes you directly to the AskVideo site. Just click the link and enter the code to start learning!

Included Tutorial Videos

  1. Your Session In Reason
  2. Staying Organized
  3. Saving Self Contained Projects
  4. Normalization and Gain Alteration
  5. Manual Dynamics Editing
  6. The Relative Mix
  7. Adjusting Timing And Tempo
  8. Trims, Fades And Gates
  9. Groups for all
  10. The Parallel Concept
  11. Parallel Drum Processing
  12. The Parallel Multi-band
  13. The EQ And Analyzer
  14. Console Dynamics Tricks
  15. Mixing Pianos And Keys
  16. Quick String Layers
  17. Perfecting Lead Parts
  18. Using Hardware Synths

  19. Adding Programmed Elements

  20. Creating Loops From Audio
  21. Using The OctoRex In The Mix
  22. Essential Rack Extensions
  23. Saturation And Clippers
  24. Heavy Duty Dynamics
  25. The AudioMatic
  26. Creating Dynamic Effects Returns
  27. Mastering In Reason
  28. When To Start Mastering
  29. The Mastering Chain
  30. Moving Between Bit Depths
  31. Buss And Cascaded Compression
  32. Parallel Mastering Busses
  33. Mastering EQ And Filters
  34. Width And Space
  35. Louder Limiting And Preserving Dynamics
  36. Export And Conversion


Released: 2013-10-22
Version: 1.0.0