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Apokalypz Drum Module

Combinator 2 Patches

DNA Labs

  • • 32 ModernTrap Style Drum Kits
  • • AHD, UniWide, & 3D Bass FX
  • • Sydechain Technology On Sub & Kick

Audio examples

For Full Compatibility The Following Are Required:

Reason+ or Reason 12
Drum Sequencer and Pattern Mutator Rack Extensions (included with Reason+)

The Apokalypz Drum Module ReFill contains a full fledged Combinator 2 that utilizes the Kong Drum Designer and the Mimic Sampler, along with many other Reason 12 dynamic and creative FX, to create an earth shattering trap style drums. There are 2 player powered sequencers (1 for drums and 1 for sub bass) that are bypassable but give instant inspiration when each patch is loaded up. The hihats have a unique repeater function that utilizes echo feedback and speed for a new and modern sound. The 808s are saturated, tuned and huge! The drums are processed with transient FX & filters that make the drums hit clean! The sub bass is sidechained to the kick for ultimate headroom and punch. There are 7 drum slots along with the 1 sub slot with included modulation tweak knobs for added detailing… Enjoy any of the 32 trap inspired kits that knock hard!

Note: This is not a Rack Extension.