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Audio Recording and Editing

Reason 8 Tutorial


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Audio Recording and Editing

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Whether you’re recording a guitar, a vocal or even a whole band, Reason has got your audio production covered. Learn everything about recording and editing audio in Reason 8 with Join Hollin Jones as he explains everything audio in this 27-tutorial Reason 8 created by!

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Audio tracking in Reason is fairly straightforward… but there are some things you must know before you start: Like routing audio in! Learn this and how Reason deals with everything audio… and how all recorded or imported audio is automatically analyzed for time stretching right from the start!

Next up is a section on the editing and quantization of your audio files. You also see how to professionally work with audio inserts and effects. Then, Hollin shows you the power of sampling your own sounds into some of Reason’s devices.

Once you audio is recorded into Reason, Hollin then shows you how to “comp” audio takes to get the perfect performance results. This is followed by some lessons about automating your project tempo and how to set up ReWire to route sound and MIDI through to another DAW like Cubase or Logic.

So, if MIDI is Reason’s heart, then audio is Reason’s soul! Learn everything audio in this 27-tutorial course by longtime Reason power user, Hollin Jones.

How Does It Work?

After buying this online course, you will receive your personal AskVideo access code and a URL that takes you directly to the AskVideo site. Just click the link and enter the code to start learning!

What's Inside?

  • How Reason's Audio Works
  • Get Ready to Recording
  • Where is Audio Stored?
  • Setting Input Levels
  • Monitoring
  • Recording Audio Track
  • Recording Multiple Audio Tracks
  • Audio Stretching Basics
  • Importing Audio
  • Timestretching Audio
  • Audio Slicing Basics
  • Quantizing Sliced Audio
  • Bouncing to REX Loops
  • Insert Effects 1
  • Insert Effects 2
  • Sampling Into Devices
  • Sample Management
  • Editing Audio Clips 1
  • Editing Audio Clips 2
  • Audio Comping Basics
  • Advanced Comping
  • Tempo Automation
  • Audio Routing Basics
  • Advanced Routing
  • ReWire Basics
  • Advanced ReWire
  • Wrap Up


Released: 2014-10-13
Version: 1.0.0