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Blues Drums Vol. 1

Acoustic drum loops

The Loop Loft

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Blues Drums Vol. 1

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From the depths of the Mississippi Delta, to the shuffles of Texas, this is the most extensive and authentic collection of blues drum loops and samples ever produced for Reason. A multitude of groove variations, fills and transitions allows you to easily build a custom drum track in seconds. Every drum and cymbal was also meticulously sampled on a multitude of kits (Ludwig, Gretsch and Slingerland), for layering and designing your own brush-based grooves with Kong and ReDrum.

Product details

Inspired by blues greats like Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert King, John Lee Hooker and B.B. King, this ReFill contains six complete sessions, featuring more than two hundred loops, ranging from slow 12/8 backbeats, swinging shuffles and dynamic brush grooves to driving, straight-eighth feels.

  • 236 REX2 Loops
  • 30 WAV Samples
  • 37 Dr Octo Rex Patches
  • 6 Kong Patches
  • 6 ReDrum Patches
  • High Quality, 24-bit 48 khz Audio

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Released: 2013-04-10
Version: 1.0.0


The Loop Loft