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Cinematic & Atmospheres Booster Pack

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Various Developers

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Cinematic & Atmospheres Booster Pack

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Create new, alien worlds with dramatic soundscapes. Sculpt the soundtrack to nightmares and daydreams. Push the boundaries of cinematic composition. The Cinematic & Atmospheres Booster Pack includes the tools to stimulate new sonic ideas and push your creativity, all in one ultimate collection.

Product details

Add new dimensions to your sound with thousands of effects, synths, and loops with the Cinematic & Atmospheres Booster Pack. Establish mood, paint emotive imagery, and develop motifs with a collection of ten vibrant ReFills from the Propellerhead Shop. The pathway to red carpets and silver screens is only a download away.

What’s Inside

  • Sample Magic Chillwave
  • Impact Soundworks Impact: Steel
  • Sounds And Effects Netherworld
  • Tom Pritchard Sound Design Vast
  • Nucleus SoundLab Celluloid Beats
  • The Loop Loft Cinematic Drums
  • Nucleus SoundLab OB Resurrection
  • New Atlantis Audio Floe
  • New Atlantis Audio Pressure
  • Sounds and Effects Resonant Drop

More Details


Fading sunshine, Polaroid memories and neon starbursts. These form the visual backdrops to Chillwave—the definitive collection of lo-fi melodics, beach-hazed beats and tape-saturated music loops that encompass the spirit of Chillwave. All that, plus your favorite elements of synth-pop, chillout, indie and nu-wave are included just for good measure.

  • 10 custom drum kits for the Kong Drum Designer
  • 5 additional patches for Kong with samples organized by hit type (Kicks, Hats, Snares & Claps, Percussion and FX)
  • 7 Dr. Octo Rex patches for Bass, Drum, Music, Synth and Top loops
  • 5 NN-XT sampler patches containing samples organised by hit type (Kicks, Hats, Snares & Claps, Percussion and FX)
Impact: Steel

Impact: Steel was designed to be as playable as possible on both drum controllers and MIDI keyboards. All main patches are key mapped without overlap and can be loaded on a single channel for instant playability of all instruments. On a MIDI keyboard, hits are mapped to black keys, while scrapes, rolls, and tremolos are mapped to white keys. This increases ease of playing for composers without dedicated drum controllers.

  • 16 Combinator patches
  • Bonus FX sounds & instruments
  • Unique deep-sampled metal objects and sounds
  • Multiple types of strikes, mallets and variations
  • Dry & close miced - add your own reverb
  • Multiple dynamic layers and RRs per hit

Netherworld inhabits a dark place between musical sounds and sound effects. Subterranean rumbling. Alien life forces growing. Metallic screeches. Druidic choirs. Ominous deep drones. In other words, every sound for any visual you can imagine. Netherworld features 165 NNXT and 90 Combinators that are truly playable (and tuned where appropriate) with many subtle, or not so subtle, changes available via realtime- modwheel and/or aftertouch over Reason’s multi pole filters, envelopes, LFOs, effects, or cross-fading to another sound entirely.

  • 689/400 M (un-compressed/compressed for download)
  • 215 24 bit samples
  • 165 NNXT Presets
  • 90 Combinators

Vast is packed with 465 unique and beautiful Combinators that use Thor’s extensive modulation possibilities to create expressive, highly playable sounds that are full of movement. Every patch sits comfortably in a useful frequency range, so you can drop any patch into a mix and write music without having to tweak them.

Vast contains 100 atmosphere & FX patches, 42 bass patches, 58 keys and polysynths, 100 leads and monosynths, 100 pads and 65 sequencer based synths. The sequencer can be switched off for each of the sequenced synths, providing an extra 65 mono and polysynths to use with your own sequences. Combinator control mappings are useful—all patches give you control of the amplitude envelope to sculpt these sounds to your needs, whilst the Mod Wheel provides variety in tone. And the buttons allow you to alter the timbre of the patch and activate or deactivate reverb and delay quickly.

Celluloid Beats

Nucleus SoundLab would like to introduce you to a brand-new ReFill exclusively built for Reason—Celluloid Beats. Celluloid Beats features a unique set of cinematic percussion loops suitable for film scoring, game sound design, IDM and other electronic genres. The loops inside have been specially processed using a proprietary additive vocoding techique to emphasize long, smooth decay stages.

These loops sound great at virtually any tempo thanks to being sampled using Wide BPM technology—anywhere from 60bpm to 300bpm is fair game. There is no reason to be limited by the original tempo of a loop any more!

Each Combinator patch in Celluloid Beats contains 8 loops—1 original loop and 7 creative loop remixes. This is achieved by using the Slice Edit Mode on Dr. OctoRex to change filtering, decay, volume, and more on a per-step basis for each loop. Unique FX are added to each patch which are used to effect specific loop slices—so each slice in a loop can have a different distortion, filter or delay.

Celluloid Beats also comes packed with all its loops in raw REX2 format outside the ReFill itself at no additional charge. So users can easily load these loops into other sampler, such as Kontakt, Ableton Live, Battery and more without any hassles.

  • 40 24-bit 44khz REX2 loops form the base of Celluloid Beats
  • 280 loop remixes using all 8 loop slots on Dr. OctoRex
  • Each patch built exclusively for Reason 6
  • All REX2 loops included outside the ReFill, for use in other samplers
  • Detailed PDF documentation on the creation and operation of the ReFill
Cinematic Drums

Produced specifically with the big screen in mind, the Cinematic Drums ReFill for Reason contains loops and samples that will quickly conjure up specific moods and imagery in your tracks. From thunderous walls of pounding toms, to angst-ridden, heart pulsing beats, this collection is a must-have for anyone who composes for film. Every individual drum, cymbal, pot and pan, are meticulously sampled, allowing you to quickly program your own grooves using the Kong Drum Designer and ReDrum step sequencer.

But don't let the name of this collection fool you, Cinematic Drums can also add an extra sonic dimension to your pop, rock, dance and jazz tracks. Slide in some Civil War era field drums under a traditional drum set groove or layer timpani-esque toms on top of your 808 loops and you'll quickly have the extra depth in your productions that standard loop sets simply can't provide.

  • 100 REX2 Loops
  • 67 Individual Drum Samples
  • 13 Dr Octo Rex Patches
  • 4 Kong Patches
  • 4 ReDrum Patches
  • High Quality, 24-bit 48 khz Audio
  • File size: 109 MB
OB Resurrection

OB Resurrection is a stunning new Refill created by Nucleus SoundLab focused on evolving classic analog synth sounds into the new millennium.

OB Resurrection relies on a large waveform base drawn from various Xpander and Matrix synths. Every classic sound is represented: Brass, Strings, Bells, raw Saw/Square/FM waveforms, Clavs, EPs, and many more. Not only that, but a significant portion of the waves were created by running the synths through various analog and digital FX to create never-before-imagined sounds!

  • 230mb of carefully sampled/looped OB waveforms.
  • 85 unique soundsets.
  • 85 NN-XT patches
  • 88 Custom Combinators by Adam Fielding and Jeremy Janzen.
  • 2 full-length .rps demo tracks

In the tradition of the acclaimed and best-selling Polar Elements, Floe is an all-new collection of stunning ambient winter-themed Combinator instruments and ensembles. Icy pads, bone chilling frozen soundscapes, and more are included. Floe is powered by a brand-new set of New Atlantis Audio's custom-designed 24-bit granular field recording soundscapes, with loop points and root notes embedded within for easy mixing, matching and experimentation. Drop these source files into any sample player in the rack to create new instruments of your own, or drop them directly onto your Reason timeline and loop away. If you are creating soundtracks, ambient, new age, chillout, down-tempo, or just need to inject some dramatic and chilly vibes into your music and scoring projects, this ReFill is for you.


Add a distinct sense of suspense, pressure and dark atmosphere to your music and scoring projects with this unique set of Combinator instruments for Reason.

Powered by a brand new set of handcrafted 24-bit steam recording soundscapes, Pressure is bursting at the weld seams with a diverse set of dense and playable atmospheric rack instruments, with loads of “tweakability” and hands-on control.

Use the 100+ MB of sample footage to create new instruments of your own, or drop them directly into the timeline in Record and go nuts.

Resonant Drop

Not all science fiction depicts the future and vast depths of uncharted space as a vast playground of wondrous beauty. Instead, some future visions are darker, bleaker. More like Prometheus, Terminator, or Blade Runner, than Star Trek (to use a cinematic metaphor). While The Resonant Drop does contain some pretty, shimmering, deep space ambiences, it is mostly intended for that more disconcerting, perhaps even downright scary, future-vision.

  • 152 24-bit samples
  • 54 Combinators
  • 168 NNXT presets
  • Size: 567 MB


Released: 2015-03-09
Version: 1.0.0