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Club Arp & Synth

EDM Synth Sounds


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Club Arp & Synth

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The eXode Club Arp & Synth ReFill follows in the tradition of the Club Bass ReFill, providing professional sounds aimed towards the modern club and electronic dance music producer.

Product details

The Arp & Synth ReFill comes loaded with 64 carefully programmed Combinators presets that offer routings for all the macro knobs and buttons. This enables quick and intuitive live tweaking of every sound to suit your specific needs. All the arpeggiated presets comes with a function to turn of the arp, thus enabling you to use the presets as regular synth sounds. As a final bonus, the demo song is included in native Reason song file format to serve as a secret window into eXode's production techniques.


Released: 2013-12-06
Version: 1.0.0