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Combinator 2 Nexius C Instrument

Patches for Combinator

DNA Labs

  • • Hybrid Multi-Layered Sounds
  • • Futuristic Filter Gating Fx
  • • Sequences, Arps, Strings, & Synths

Audio examples

Requires Reason+ or Reason 12 with Algoritm FM Synthesizer & Pattern Mutator for full compatibility.

The Nexius C is a full fledged Combinator 2 capable of dual gated auto filtration, hydroflange, bit ether filtering, and fat chorus processing, ambience, x crossfading, sample reversal, and much much more. At the heart of this ReFill is a Mimic Creative Sampler Instrument and an Algoritm FM Synthesizer loaded with exclusive DNA Labs samples/presets and tons of modulation from the Alligator, Echo, Sweeper, Quartet, Synchronous, and Rv7000. There is the auto side-chain 1/4 note pump effect, as well as a varifi-esque pitch morpher, and tape drift processors also. These effects are just the beginning, there are multiple players chained for filtering, futuristic chopping, gating, and arpeggiation. The Combinator 2 has opened tons of possibilities for the Reason Community!