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Darkroom Techno

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Darkroom Techno

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Dark, sleazy techno tools tweaked from analogue and found-sound sources and ready to soundtrack dark rooms, cavernous clubs and sweaty basements.

Product details

Crafted by a leading techno producer who wishes to remain anonymous, this vast and varied collection reflects an artist with an enviable discography. Packed with hard-hitting drum workouts, scuzzy analogue basslines, freaked synth excursions and modular explorations, jacking drumbox loops, deep and degraded chord progressions, ominous FX and a cache of powerful Instruments for custom melodic creation, this is a seriously underground toolkit for producers seeking authentic techno inspiration.

Drum Loops > Proper beat business: powerful workouts and grinding grooves loaded with lo-fi gritty character. All drum loops are served with stripped stems for maximum control: kick-free, perc-only and kick/snare.

Bass Loops > Deep sub-strong rollers, sinister drones and dark tones dripping with analogue character. Key-labeled throughout and offered with MIDI where possible.

Synth Loops > 53 freaky synth excursions from a variety of analogue, digital and modular sources. Wonky leads, synth bells, atmospheric modular loops, degraded synth washes, relentless acid-tinged grooves and more.

Chord Loops > From deep and dubby chords to retro rave stabs and character analogue progressions: 48 lo-fi, characterful, processed and washed out chords oozing with an underground vibe. Key-labeled and many offered with their MIDI alternatives.

Instruments > 8 x custom drum racks, dank multi-sample layer instruments and powerful preset devices with idiosyncratic macros ready to twist and turn into techno oblivion.

Vox Loops > Sleazy, woozy and narcotic-laced vocal loops that have been expertly processed to drop seamlessly into any track. These tempo-synced vox are all killer, no filler!

Percussion Loops > 60 gritty and degraded percussion loops and tools loaded with darkroom groove - just fire up a kick drum and see for yourself.

Kick Loops > Cavernous and pummelling 4/4 kick tools that make a solid foundation for any underground techno track.

Snare Loops > Unique snare loops loaded with sonic integrity. Perfect for building big-room beats with maximum ease.

Hat Loops > Gritty, degraded and groove-injected hat loops to take your beats to the next level.

Chord Stabs > 40-strong selection of analogue-derived chord stabs that have been meticulously processed to offer instant, dark, dubby and lo-fi melodics.

FX > Ominous FX, glitchy loops and grainy textures to add detail, tension and atmosphere to your tracks. All tempo-synced at 126bpm for total convenience.

Drum Hits > 100+ killer kicks, snares, hats, shakers, percussion and modular-derived one-shots loaded with analogue grit and power.


Released: 2018-06-08
Version: 1.0.0