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Dirty South
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Dirty South

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Dank trap and hazy hip-hop moods and grooves from deep down south. A lyricists perfect companion containing powerful 808 baselines, triplet hi-hat beats, dystopian synth melodies and angular rhythms summing up the drugged up state of southern rap and trap music.

808 Loops > Quintessential southern bass and low-end trap low-end across 130, 160 and 180bpm. 43 key/tempo labelled sub-quacking loops ready to drop n rock in your DAW.

Drum Loops > 170+ contemporary southern hip-hop and rap ready trap beats ideal for combining with your vocal or songwriting capabilties. Seriously dank nugs served with all constituent stems.

Vox Shots > Select down-pitched phrases and processed vocal drops ideal for adding texture or punctuating a drop.

Melody Loops > Hazy melodics and street-worthy chords giving depth and intrigue to muscular beats. Served key and tempo labelled at 130,160 and 180bpm.

Bass Loops > Wiggly bass riffs and contemporary synth bass.

FX > Distorted impacts, chord drops and dystopian textures ideal for sound-design and contemporary hip-hop drama.

Leads > Soul inducing synth riffs and vapourware digital leads.

Pad Loops > Dank melodic pads and digitised polyphonic textures with a sense of drama. Key/tempo labelled at 130, 160 and 180bpm.

Single Shots > A beat-makers treasure-trove of legendary layered and original drum shots, served custom kits and sampler formats for all modern DAWs.