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DrumSessions 84BPM

Martin Werner Drums

Goldsound Music

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DrumSessions 84BPM

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The art of recording acoustic drums requires a lot of experience, a great room and the knowledge of proper processing. Martin Werner has all that. He runs the Goldsound Recording Studio out of Hagen, Germany. He is a sought after drummer and has also been the "Drum Doctor" for a lot of major recording projects for platinum selling productions. Additionally, he has created drum samples for a number of drum sound libraries. Martin Werner has now made his sound and his playing available to musicians who look for naturally recorded multi track rock drums that stand the test to international standards.

Product details

The 5 available Martin Werner Drum Sessions ReFills are organized in tempo signatures. Each Refill contains various patterns and playing styles. With Reason’s incredible time stretching you can easily apply a tempo that works for your song.

Styles: <ul> <li>Ballad</li> <li>Heavy Rock</li> <li>Hip Hop</li> <li>R’n’B</li> </ul>

Tracks: <ul> <li>Kick</li> <li>Snare</li> <li>Toms</li> <li>Hat</li> <li>Overheads</li> <li>Subbass</li> <li>Center</li> <li>Room</li> </ul>


Released: 2014-01-13
Version: 1.0.0


Goldsound Music