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E-MU Proteus 1 2 3

Vintage E-MU sounds


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E-MU Proteus 1 2 3

The E-MU Proteus was the first line of synthesizer rack mount modules ever produced. The products were a massive hit and started the revolution of sound playback modules. This re mastered Proteus Refill brings these authentic sounds directly to your Reason rack. Included are 384 Combinators and 384 NN-XT instruments.

Product details

The Proteus 1 was released in 1989 as the first synthesizer module that E-mu Systems had ever produced. The sounds for the Proteus came directly from the EIII library. The Proteus 1 Reason Refill includes pianos, organs, strings, horns, guitars, basses and drums. The sound is laid back, yet very effective in the popular music mix. When introduced, the demand for Proteus was so great; E-mu Systems could not produce enough of these modules. The Proteus was a massive hit that started the revolution of sound playback modules.

The Proteus 2 was released in 1990 at Summer NAMM in Chicago. It was the first time high quality orchestral samples could be bought in a sub $2000 module. Previously an expensive sampler was needed. The Proteus 2 sounds include a wide range of strings, brass, wind and orchestral percussion. The Proteus 2 sound is very distinctive and it has been used on lots of records in the early 1990's. It still remains a cheap means of getting an Orchestra into your music.

The Proteus 3 was released in 1991, enabling musicians to access a tremendous range of Ethnic instruments without the need for an expensive Emulator. The Proteus 3 sounds include ney flutes, celtic harps, shofars, bagpipes , tablas, tamburas, banjos and didjeridoos. These are good ethnic sounds that still stand up today, and if you have an EII or even an EI, you may recognize the sounds!

Included in the ReFill are 384 Combinators and 384 NN-XT instruments.

File size: 39 Mb

Please note that this ReFill is only available as a downloadable ReFill and only works with Reason version 4 or later.


Released: 2008-09-18
Version: 1.0.0