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Editor for BOZZ DD-200

BOSS DD-200 Editor


  • • Control your DD-200 pedal from Reason rack
  • • Easy access control pedal / save patches
  • • Flexible DD-200 pedal midi controller

Simple and useful Editor for the hardware BOSS™ DD-200 DIGITAL DELAY effect Pedal.
This ReFill includes a free Combinator 2.0 editor patch (You need Reason 12 or Reason+ subscription).

Easy and powerful midi controller for DD-200 Digital Delay pedal, that can be connected thru Midi cable or USB-cable to you computer.
All control elements at the front panel of controller duplicating interface of the real DD-200 pedal.

Combinator 2.0 patch send midi (CC/NRPN) commands to your external hardware (DD-200 pedal from BOSS).
Just add this patch to the Reason Rack, press the “Devices” button on the Combinator, and select as “MIDI OUT Device” your MIDI output port of the pedal (if the device is not recognized by default).

You need to have:
- Hardware pedal “BOSS™ DD-200”
- Reason 12 (and greater) or Reason+ subscription