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EDM Booster Pack

Super Saver

Various Developers

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EDM Booster Pack

Super deal: 93% discount - you save $395!

Beef up your collection of loops, samples and patches for most styles of electronic dance music. The EDM Booster Pack offers ten top notch ReFills for the price of one. This collection of style-centric sounds will help and inspire your music making.

Product details

Techno, House, Electro, Minimal, DnB - whatever style of EDM you are making, access to sounds is critical. Enter the EDM Booster Pack - your abundant supply of grooves, samples and sounds to match your ideas. The EDM Booster Pack consists of ten popular ReFlls from the Propellerhead Shop in one easy purchase and download. And it comes at a great price too!

What’s inside?
  • ThorKit–Tom Pritchard Sound Design
  • Electro House Bass Combinator (Utku-S)–Loopmasters
  • Dubstep–Sample Magic
  • Riley & Durrant Progressive House vol.2–Loopmasters
  • Deep, Tech and Minimal–Loopmasters
  • Dubstep Nation–Prime Loops
  • DnB Synths Thor–Loopmasters
  • Tech-Funk Breaks–Sample Magic
  • Electro–Sample Magic
  • Dubstep and Grime–Sample Magic

More Details


200 patches that push Reason’s Thor synthesiser to its limits. A mix of clean, crisp sounds and mashed, gritty tones, these patches have a wide range of applications and have enough presence to stand out in a mix without being overpowering.

Each patch has controls to alter the timbre mapped to the rotaries, buttons and modwheel, and velocity has been set up to make these sounds expressive and playable. The sequence synths can function as a further collection of 32 mono and polysynths if the trigger is set to "MIDI" rather than "Sequencer" on Thor's front panel.

Electro House Bass Combinator (Utku-S)

Utku-S Electro House is a great collection of House and Electro Basses, created using the Reason Combinator which includes screaming basses, deep wobbles, bit crushed vocal basses, modulated bass arps and more.

Utku S. is  a talented producer and sound designer who has been following his passion for music and honing his talents for almost ten years. His sound is an energetic and high-octane blend of Electro House that creates an intense uplifting energy. He delivers a devastating electro number with broken beats and distorted guitar riffs. Included in this pack are 64 awesome bass patches, and 64 MIDI files to accompany the sounds.


Combining underground club workouts with anthemic arena-sized sounds, SM23 Dubstep delivers 585+MB of pounding 2-step rhythms, cone-quivering basslines, searing synth leads, monstrous music loops and more. From its early esoteric d'n'b roots to contemporary bassline-infused bangers, Dubstep covers all ground and more, with subtle nods to rave, garage, grime and classic electro. Massive beats, mutant bass and bruising breaks.

From the wantonly sparse to the brashly bold: Dubstep includes 170+ gargantuam drumloops encrusted with classic valve distortion, all offered with stripped and top-only variants for optimum mixing flexibility. And it wouldn't be Dubstep without bass - unabashed wobblefests, futuristic robo-bass and deeply dubby subs. All supplied at industry-standard 140bpm. That's just the tip of the musical iceberg!

Riley & Durrant Progressive House vol.2

Riley and Durrant are back with their second installment of Progressive and Tech House Samples for Loopmasters Artist Series - and Producers should expect a huge dose of inspirational sounds from these two great Producer/Djs. Few DJs and producers can claim as much diversity as Nick Riley and Andi Durrant. With influences including Angello, Ingrosso, Laidback Luke and Axwell, Herve, Ferry Corsten, Paolo Mojo, Lutzenkirchen and Dubfire, its no wonder we had to label this samplepack 'Progressive House Producer'.

The duo have had much success in the studio and continue to DJ worldwide, their House influences range from Tech, Minimal, Deep, Electro and Progressive, along with Trance and Techno - you will find evidence of all of these styles in this excellent and highly versatile sample pack exclusively created for Loopmasters.

Included in this huge sequel to their original Progressive House sample pack you will find over 890MB of 24Bit pristine House samples and loops:

  • 161 Bass Loops
  • 111 Banging Drum Loops
  • 61 Inspirational Music Loops
  • 32 Drum Hits
  • 14 FX Samples
  • 49 Superb Synth One shots
  • 56 ready to play patches
Deep, Tech and Minimal

Deep, Tech and Minimal House is a vast collection of supremely recorded 24 bit samples for cutting edge producers looking for a quality selection of Underground Minimal Sounds, recorded and produced by legendary house producer Andy Lee.

A consummate collection of some of the deepest loops for house music’s elite production specialists, featuring a wealth of previously unheard and unreleased material created exclusively for Loopmasters with modern house music producers solely in mind.

In detail, Deep, Tech and Minimal house includes 84 Subliminal Groove bass loops, more than 300 Club ready Drum loops, including tops, variations and percussion, 54 Glitched out and Tweaked Up Loops, 21 Lead Lines, 110 Blissed out and Jacked up Sequences and Chord patterns, 16 Full and Original Vocal Loops, 30 ready to program Bass Tones, 83 Spoken Vocal Phrases ready for your next club hook, and don’t forget after all of that you get an unprecedented 555 Drum Samples and One shots, created with Deep, Tech and Minimal House in mind. Throw into the mix 22 SFX samples perfect for breakdowns and minimal Mash ups, 40 Synth Stabs, and 6 White Noise samples - and you have what we consider to be the most up to date and fully packed production kit around!

Dubstep Nation

Prime Loops proudly present the ultimate dubstep experience – Dubstep Nation. This heavy-duty dubstep sample Pack delivers over 500 royalty free dubstep drum loops, wobble basslines, hard-hitting drum one-shots, spatial SFX samples, cutting synth patches and a whole lot more to maximise your music production.

Dubstep Nation features a large arsenal of heavyweight drum loops, moody synth hooks, dark atmospherics and mind-blowing bass and synth patches, all complimented by a unique and flavoursome hand crafted collection of pure dubstep drum samples and one-shot SFX to match. This comprehensive collection helps you to stay true to the sound of the moment with over 500 authentic, grimey, and downright nasty royalty free samples.

Prime Loops' "Dubstep Nation" sample pack contains:

  • Over 200 drum loops, basslines & synth hooks
  • Over 130 multi patches for NN-XT
  • Over 200 dubstep one-shot samples, including drum hits & SFX sounds
DnB Synths Thor

Drum and Bass Synths for Thor is a collection of Dark Basses, Deep FX, Searing Leads and Atmospheric Pads, exclusively created for Drum and Bass and Dubstep producers worldwide.

For Producers looking to add a large palette of Subsonic Basses, Beautiful Atmospheric Pads, Techy Leads, Distorted Reeses, Sweeps, Rises and much more - this is a great collection of sounds.

Included in this pack are:

  • 13 Sub Basses
  • 7 FX
  • 15 Leads
  • 10 Atmos Pads
  • 14 Reese Basses
  • 5 Bonus Synths
  • 64 MIDI Files
Tech-Funk Breaks

Audio toys and tawdry noise for breaks, electro and dubstep. Featuring: 300+ deep fried, glitched-out, ball-busting breaks, beats and tops; bit-reduced bin-blitzing basslines, cone-creaking monoruns and screaming all-analogue funklines; circuit bent synths, chaotic sawfests and seductive pads; up-to- the-moment vocal mash-ups - sliced, diced and recycled; unique song-starter combos and pared down musical elements to be used, bruised and abused PLUS scratches, fills, booms, sweeps, dives and a huge single-hit drum archive. 

Pumping bass, jackin' beats, twisted synths, wired filth, acid grime, lost-in- basement fx, and washed-out seqs abound in SM20 Electro, the eagerly anticipated new collection from Sample Magic.

Running the ground between indie-dance and peaktime mainroom filth, Electro takes in the best of techno, Dutch, jackin' and classic french disco, bending all the rules and mashing every genre along the way.

Weighing in at a hefty 750+MB of 24-bit, 44.1Khz, the majority of loops come in industry standard 128bpm, ensuring dancefloor smashes are just a few clicks away.

Dubstep and Grime

Aggressive beats, raw rhythms and abrasive basslines.

Featuring 100s of dark and dubbed-out hardstep grooves, shuffly floor-melters and tweeter-teasing tops; cone-ripping bass-wobblers, glitched out analogue LFOrmant busters and slinky subs; filth-dribbling synth stabs, sleaze- symphonics and nu-dub guitars; pre-mixed combi songstarters, bleak soundscapes and screwed-up vocals; street sirens, broken CPUs, glitches and de-tuned radio trackers; plus 260+ bass-busting kicks, crooked snares, wonky bass hits and hefty hats.


Released: 2014-11-27
Version: 1.0.0