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Emotive Electronica

Loops & Samples


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Emotive Electronica

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A seamless mix of of analogue hardware and live instrumentation, this beautifully emotive sample collection has been designed to offer a rich, complex and inspiring sound palette for your electronica productions.

Product details

Drum Loops > Deep, head-nodding drum grooves mixing machine and live sounds to perfect effect. The beats are served just the right side of sparse to add your own spin and with enough rhythmic flair to kick-start your next track. All full beats come with the constituent stripped stems for total freedom when laying down grooves.

Bass Loops > Rich harmonic analogue basslines, deep sub grooves and more: 37 powerful low-end loops that are key-labeled and offered with MIDI versions for ultimate bass control.

Synth Loops > Warm filtered chords, floating percussive progressions, rich polyphonic leads, ear worm arpeggios, ambient melodic textures and more: 24 key-labeled loops provided with MIDI variants.

Piano Loops > Processed chords, delay drenched keys and melancholy motifs: 25 key-labeled loops with their MIDI counterparts.

Guitar Loops > A mix of fireside acoustics and yearning electronic noodlings to explore. 21 key-labeled loops in total.

Vocals > 40 expertly chopped, pitched, tuned and processed vocal phrases delivered with an emotive edge throughout.

Brass Loops > 11 lilting, emotive synth brass phrases dripping with melodic inspiration. Key-labeled throughout and MIDI provided.

Pads > Complex synth pads, textures and layers designed to add depth and emotional resonance to any mix. All loops and key-labeled and MIDI is provided for added flexibility.

FX > A treasure-trove of organic ambiences and re-worked foley, functional transition fx tools, futuristic glitch elements, noise beds and more.

One-Shots > Lovingly sculpted drum hits covering kicks, claps, snares, hats, rides, crashes and percussion. Served with 5 hand-curated drum kits for major samplers for instant beat-building. Plus a folder of melodic one-shots also presented in sampler formats for ease of use.

Product breakdown:

  • 197 x Wav one-shots
  • 624 x Rex2 files
  • 157 x MIDI files
  • 102 x Dr Octo Rex Patches
  • 16 x Kong Kits
  • 8 x NN-XT Patches


Released: 2018-04-17
Version: 1.0.0