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Europa Drill Godz
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Europa Drill Godz

Patches for Europa

DNA Labs

Audio examples

A new type of 808 engine. A Hybrid engine. Analog samples synergistically fused with digital synthesis. Intelligently side-chained sampled analog subs and kicks layered with synthesized harmonic material via the Europa Synthesizer’s powerful shape shifting engine create a new type chest-pounding of 808 bass.

The average modern 808 has distortion added to an 808 (enveloped sine wave) to create a square distortion waveform but we decided to add a whole new synthesized layer of harmonic sound using frequency modulation and various other modern fx and powerful modifiers within the Europa system! This enables us to create a unique and futuristic sounding 808 with sub material, synthetic harmonic material, and a powerful analog kick with professional compression techniques pre routed in the combinators.

Each combinator has kick, sub, and synth levels as well as tape compression, side-chain levels, and detuning parameters for professional editing. This refill will make your beats pound with sub sonic pressure… we promise!