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Extension ReFill - PolyStep
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Extension ReFill - PolyStep

Patches for PolyStep

Navi Retlav Studio

  • • 49 Key Patches
  • • 76 Sequence Patche
  • • for Propellerhead PolyStep Sequencer RE Player

The new PolyStep Sequencer RE player from Propellerhead Software is a really great device for getting you started with the creative process of crafting interesting melodies and bass lines. We’re offering a package of unique creative ideas, sequences and utilities specifically made to boost your experience with PolyStep. Thanks to the included utility style-key triggered patches you can easily play arpeggios, strums, chords and melodies in real time. You can even add rhythms to your static long notes and glitch them out with micro-granular patterns. We also added an expanded-collection of nice sequences which can be a perfect start for your hit song. That should be more than enough to improve your midi-writing process and bring a lot more joy into it. Have Fun!