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Extension ReFill-Predator

Patches for Predator

Navi Retlav Studio, Ltd.

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Extension ReFill-Predator

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Please note that this ReFill requires that you have the Rob Papen Predator Rack Extension installed on your system.

Rob Papen’s Predator is a legendary beast! The quintessence example of modern music and sound design with no compromises in quality. There is so much power in it, that our skillful team had to revisit its engine to realise all our sound fantasies, that weren't revealed anywhere before. There are no tricks or illusions. This sound-set is a research-result of dreamy pads, vivid plucks, electrifying polys, stunning leads and powerful basses. In addition to this great collection; we have converted the build-in predator effect section into user-friendly combinator effect patches. And to put the cherry on top, there is a nice surprise for you, combinator instruments with additional mid-side processing and a more experimental approach. There is no better way to tame this wild animal, and make it as your best friend on the epic journey to great-sounding EDM productions. Grab it, and be happy together!

Product details

  • 150 Rob Papen Predator Rack Extension Instrument patches (25x Bass , 20x Mono, 55x Pad, 25x Pluck, 25x Poly)
  • 70 Bonus Combinator instrument patches
  • 105 Bonus Combinator effect patches
  • 1 Demo song (Reason 8.2 document)
  • Propellerhead Reason 7+ and Rob Papen - Predator Rack Extension required


Released: 2015-07-02
Version: 1.0.0