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Future Pop 2

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Future Pop 2

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Modern beats, warm subs, and club-ready melodies: Future Pop 2 blends the best of the digital era's hip-hop, R&B, and trap scenes. Processed through the finest hardware, we've once again gone all out with this 530MB+ futuristic collection of fat one-shots, pulsating loops, and ethereal FX.

All loops are tempo-synced at 100bpm and melodic loops are key-labeled throughout and offered with MIDI variants where possible.

Product details

Drum Loops > Club-ready beats fusing elements of R&B, hip-hop & trap. Each of these 200 loops comes with a full mix plus the usual broken down stems for complete flexibility.

Drum Hits > Claps, cymbals, hi-hats, kicks, percs, snaps & snares: all layered, pitched, and ready for beat production.

Inspiration Kits > 20 unique song-starters meticulously crafted. Broken down by stem, and MIDI, these professional inspiration kits function great on their own or integrated as part of an existing track.

Vox Loops > Soulful licks processed and pitched for Future Pop productions. Each loop is key-labeled for total convenience.

Synth Loops > 50 lush synth loops processed through pristine hardware. Served with MIDI throughout.

FX Shots > Risers, white noises, and sub hits crafted to perfection.

Bass Shots > 50 diverse bass shots ideal for breathing new life into your sampler.

Vox Shots > Heavily processed vocal shots run through analogue gear. Each one is key-labeled for total convenience.

Bass Loops > Pulsing subs and Korg M1-styled basslines mixed to perfection. Key/tempo labeled at 100bpm and served with all MIDI.

Chord Shots > 30 key labeled chord one-shots including MIDI.

Drum Fills > 20 Future Pop-ready drum fills and rolls for dynamic track transitions.


Released: 2018-11-16
Version: 1.0.0