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Combinator 2 Patches

Hurton Audio

  • • 168 Combinator 2 Patches
  • • 100 Europa Patches
  • • 50 Wavetables

Audio examples

You’re invited to join the Retro Racer team! Meet your new sonic mentor DJ Flash Peters as he shows you the neon soaked ropes with this hyper 80s synthwave pack.

The Retro Racer portion of this ReFill features 100 Europa patches designed in collaboration with synthwave artist DJ Flash Peters, each with their own Combinator 2 housing for more retro flavour. With dreamy FM bells, lush DCO poly’s and fat rolling bass these patches will send you back in time. If that isn’t enough for you GHS06 includes Retro Wavetables Vol 1, to help you craft you’re very own Europa patches.

The One Shot portion houses 56 key matched patches ranging from mega toms to sweeping analogue bass. Drive through the night with expansive pad chords, brooding horror basses and retro futuristic plucks. Make sure to utilise pitched drum risers, tuned percussion and evolving filter synths with these NNXT’s and Combinator 2’s.

A library of over 267 WAV Drum machine hits with 12 purpose built Kong and Combinator 2 kits. Outrun the future with the Miami Kit or dial up your beat with the AOL kit. Need an 80s pop drummer? Not anymore with this selection of aged studio kits, at least they do sound great for retrowave. To top it off, the bass sounds from these drum machines have been mapped to NNXTs in the One Shot section.

GHS06 is created by sampling the Akai XR10, Roland R-5 (Human Rhythm Composer), Roland JU-06A, Roland JD-08, Roland JX-08, Alesis MIDIVERB II and Lexicon MX400. Retro Wavetables Vol 1 samples the Casio CZ5000, Roland D-05, Alesis Ion, Roland JP8000, Roland JU-06A, Moog Werkstatt-01 and Roland SH-01A.

The GHS06 (Original Soundtrack) by DJ Flash Peters is made solely using the GHS06 ReFill with the exception of some mastering effects on the mixdown.

All Samples Sampled at 24 bit, 48kHz.

Requires Reason+ or Reason 12