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Combinator 2 Patches

Hurton Audio

  • • 132 Combinator 2 Patches
  • • 100 Mimic Patches
  • • 32 Kong Kits

Audio examples

ReFill Format - Requires Reason+ or Reason 12

Coast to coast 90s Hip Hop patches to add more flavor to your beats

The melodic portion of this ReFill features 100 Combinator 2 patches containing 100 Mimic patches. From silky smooth strings, angry pianos and pumping lead sounds to lush pads, slap bass and crunchy brass stabs. These patches are sure to inspire those looking for the end of the millennium sound. Get creative with the dry Mimic patches or use the Combinator 2 patches to add spatial effects and modulation to these guitar hits, vocal shouts and more.

A library of over 600 drum hits and 32 purpose built kits. From classic Boom bap to studio chic, we’ve packed as many kits into this ReFill as we could. Crunchy claps, vinyl drums and defined hats form the back beat of these kits with quirky percussion, scratches and processed cymbals to add the finishing touches. The Combinator 2 patches expand on the Kong feature set with additional effects, 4-track mixer and demo mode.

GHS19 is created by sampling the E-MU MP-7 sound module’s Pure Phatt ROM (MP-7 Version). The design of the instrument Combinator 2 patches reflect the original unit’s aesthetics with the drum Combinator 2 patches taking visual inspiration from the unit.

GHS19 Demo Songs are made solely using the GHS19 ReFill with MIDI Sequencing.

All Samples Sampled at 24 bit, 48kHz.