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Glacius X Melodix 1 Xpansion

Glacius X Melodix 1

DNA Labs

  • • Pattern Mutator Sequences
  • • Multi-Layered Glacius X Patches
  • • Key Triggered Transposable Melodies

Audio examples

Please note that this ReFill requires the Glacius X.

This Glacius X Xpansion ReFill is packed with exciting new tempo synced transposable melody sequences. These new patches are all tweak-able and mutate-able using any of the pre-routed macro buttons/knobs on each Combinator preset! There are dark strings, crispy plucks, new poly synths, icy bells, massive new pads, and more for the Glacius X included. There are also plenty of Pattern Mutator patches as well as a selection of Combinator patches included.