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Glass instruments

New Atlantis Audio

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Glass sings. It can be extremely fragile, or incredibly strong. All of the instrument racks in this unique ReFill are made of glass. More specifically, 24 bit samples of all kinds of glass, doing all kinds of different things.

Product details

Bowed crystal bowls, wine glasses singing, wine glasses shattering, gently falling glass beads, resonating plates, and a whole lot of plinks, plunks and dings of all kinds.

They are transformed here for you into a set of truly gorgeous musical instruments that are organic, surreal and a delight to play. There’s a little bit of everything from pads and soundscapes, to fx, bass and percussive tones - all very expressive and very tweakable. The 24 bit samples which power these instruments have their root notes and loop points embedded already, so feel free to experiment by mixing and matching sounds between patches, and within any of your own sampler instruments.


Released: 2012-01-16
Version: 1.0.0


New Atlantis Audio