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Patches for Parsec

States of Music

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Please note that this ReFill requires that you have Parsec 1.0.5 or later and Synchronous installed on your system.

States of Music Sound Design presents Glass, a ReFill for the Parsec and Synchronous Rack Extensions. This ReFill contains 183 beautifully crafted sounds for Parsec, as well as 95 effects patches for Synchronous. Also included are a few bonus sounds and effects that utilize Reason's stock devices. The bulk of this ReFill is centered around pad and polysynth sounds, which have been designed to work well with ambient, cinematic, house, and other electronic genres.

Product details

This ReFill is broken up into 8 sections:

  • Bass - 20
  • Bonus Sounds - 2
  • Leads - 24 Patches
  • Pads - 46 Patches
  • Polysynths - 84 Patches
  • Standard FX - 12 Patches
  • Synchronous - 91 Patches
  • Synth FX - 9 Patches


Released: 2015-02-23
Version: 1.0.0