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Grain Farm

Patches for Grain

Mertz Creative Communication Inc

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Introducing Grain Farm, a truly organic Refill for Reason 10's Grain Sample Manipulator. Seven acoustic instruments have been sampled in several ways so as to capture all the harmonic resonance that 'sings' from the resonating bodies of said instruments, allowing the creation of rich, detailed and very analog sounding Grain Patches.

Product details

Up to 16 commonly used chords have been sampled on Upright Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Lap Steel, and Accordion. A Meditation Bowl has been sampled as well, as a bonus.

From these sampled chords, Grain Farm gives you 144 total patches in four categories: Chords (for maximum recreation of original resonance), Pads, Melody and FX. Created primarily with Sound Designers and Composers in mind, the sky is the limit for creating new tones, as these Grain sounds are all cross sectional and interchangeable.

There's an almost infinite pallate of colors available when you start importing samples across instrument folders into the patches. Take a mandolin patch and import an accordion sample into it, for example...or load a single note sample into a chord patch and use it as a'll have something entirely new and un-planned for!

Patches that have been made using Grain Oscillator or Spectral Grains also tend to sound tonally different within the same instrument bank, across samples. Grain Farm patches sound incredible and are very employable on their own but they can also be regarded as starting points for Sound Design and Composition. Enjoy!


Released: 2018-09-19
Version: 1.0.0