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Guitar & Bass Booster Pack

Super Saver

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Guitar & Bass Booster Pack

Super deal: 93% discount - you save $393!

The Guitar & Bass Booster Pack bundles hundreds of the most sought after axes into one affordable collection. Make music with samples of world famous guitar and bass rigs. Experiment with unique tones to discover your new sound. And inspire your music with a legacy of instruments—the possibilities are limitless!

Product details

Outfit your studio with the Guitar & Bass Booster Pack—the largest collection of guitars and basses for Reason. Get the sound of world famous guitar rigs, diversify your tones, and explore new song writing possibilities with ten popular ReFills from the Propellerhead Shop. All it takes is a download, and you’ll have more guitars and basses than you can shake a stick at.

What’s inside

  • The Loop Loft Doug Wamble Slide Guitar Collection
  • Jiggery-Pokery Guitars 1 - Stratocaster
  • Jiggery-Pokery Guitars 2 - Telecaster
  • Dan Dean Productions Dan Dean Bass Collection
  • The Loop Loft Doug Wamble Telecaster
  • Sounds and Effects Electrified!
  • The Loop Loft Janek Gwizdala Electric Bass
  • Mode Audio Mystic Rhythm
  • Sonic Reality Triple Bass
  • Sonic Reality Triple Guitars

More details

Doug Wamble Slide Guitar Collection

To produce our latest Loop Loft Artist Series ReFill for Reason 6, we enlisted the talent of acclaimed guitarist, Doug Wamble (Wynton Marsalis, Norah Jones, Madeleine Peyroux, Branford Marsalis). Recorded over the course of several days in NYC on Wamble's signature Amistar resonator guitar, this collection of tracks and samples covers a vast range of styles, from traditional Delta blues, to front porch folk, to singer-songwriter strumming, to dirty and distorted rock. The result? One of the most eclectic and inspiring loop libraries ever released—the Doug Wamble Slide Guitar Collection.

With 385 unique guitar loops, The Doug Wamble Slide Guitar Collection is organized into six main sessions (and 53 Dr. Octo Rex Patches), each recorded in a different key and tempo, providing a vast library of both lead and rhythm tracks. To take things a step further, the collection includes 4 custom Combinators which run Doug’s guitar sounds through a vast series of effects including Line 6 PODs, The Echo, Pulveriser and many other devices.

Whether you're a pop musician seeking the unique tone and timbre of a resonator guitar—along with Wamble's incredible playing—scoring a film and looking for authentic slide guitar to set the scene, or searching for distinct acoustic elements to mix into your electronic compositions, this collection will supply you with the highest quality slide guitar loops and textures available anywhere.

  • 385 REX2 Loops
  • 53 Dr Octo Rex Patches
  • 4 Combinators
  • 2 Kong Patches
  • High Quality, 24-bit 48 KHZ Audio
  • File size: 382 MB
Jiggery-Pokery Guitars 1 – Stratocaster

The ubiqitous Strat is the first in a series of highly detailed, performance- enhanced ReFills

  • Every note of every fret sampled
  • Picks with three velocity layers and release resonance
  • Hammer-ons (fretboard string tapping) with two velocities
  • Bridge mutes (also two velocities)
  • Fret slides - up 1, 2, 3 and 7 semitones, and down 1, 2, 3 and 7 semitones
  • Select up to 5 of these patches for live keyswitching between them
  • Over 200 chords: downstrokes and upstrokes with three velocities, including Major and 4,6,7,11; Minor 4,6,7,7b5; augmented (three inversions); sus2,4; and diminished
  • Select up to 5 chords for live keyswitching, and even add mute slaps
  • Fret, release, and pick noises and AC hum, all with independently adjustable levels
  • Sustain and expression pedals mapped to Line 6 amp Wah-Wah, Mod wheel adds tremolo and Aftertouch provides string "micro-bending" vibrato
  • Adjust the "pick-up position" tone (bridge/middle/neck) and access a number of other effects via the Combinator front panel
  • 99 Combinators covering all templates and signature setups in full and reduced sample versions, and special setups
  • PDF user guide
  • 16- and 24-bit ReFills included

Designed with amp modeling in mind, the "keytar" Combinators come in a variety of flavors: dual or single amp, Line6 Amp or Scream 4, full patches or reduced sample-sets. Plus, 10 special setups inspired by some famous users, including Hendrix, Frusciante, Raitt and Gilmour, in amp-only or "wet" with Line 6 FX chains based on some of their setups.

Jiggery-Pokery Guitars 2 – Telecaster

One great guitar, three amazing tones—It’s the Tele, multi-sampled for Reason.

Extensive multi-sampling for all three pick-up positions of a 2010 Telecaster: ’59 SD Humbucker (dual-coil) for a deep woody tone, TM Single Coil for leads with some classic Tele “twang”, and Mid, both pick-ups for a full range tone. Whether playing lead or rhythm, choose from Single Pick-up Combinators, or go super-size and try the Triple Pick-Up Combinators and switch between all three pick-up positions whenever you need.

Power Chords - For the heavy rockers and punks out there, a massive suite of power chords (root+fifth) on the Low E/A, A/D and D/G strings (20 multi-velocity power chords per string, per pick-up), keyboard mapped for two hand strumming. Switch between sustained and palm-muted power chords on-the-fly, and use key-switching to add up or down power-slides. All power chords and slides feature per-note samples, and the sustained and palm-mutes feature Alt velocity maps with timing variances.

Blues chords - One octave of blues chords (maj, maj7, m, m7), keyboard mapped for one hand down/upstroke strumming, with mute slap keyswitch.

Lead Tele - Choose from a variety of key-switches and string mappings, multi-velocity lead sustained, hammer-on and palm-muted tones, plus slide up or down 1, 2, 7 and 12 semitones, with up to eight different NN-XT string mappings to favour higher or lower strings.

Fret and string noise mixing - Individually mix fret slide noise, pick-noise, release noise and release resonance Detailed PDF guide

Inspirational Tele signature setups and useful presets - Fifteen more rigs inspired by some famous Tele users, plus exclusive new JP rig patches, including high-gain monsters for your power chords! There are 124 Combinator setups covering rhythm and lead tones and esoteric patches such as Talkboxes, and separate string Combis, all set to play with Mod (Tremolo), Sustain+Expression (Wah) and Aftertouch (Vibrato), with an additional 121 “Light” versions of the full Combinators for reduced memory footprint.

Dan Dean Bass Collection

From award winning producer Dan Dean comes an immense collection of widely different bass instruments that combines the Dan Dean Bass Collections 1 & 2. It even includes instruments not found on either previous collection.

Choose from classic basses from the 60's and 70's, recorded both direct and with amplifiers. Amplifier presets include some clipping and overdrive, producing a very realistic sound quality when used in a track. The Dan Dean Acoustic Bass is included in this collection in both Mono and Stereo versions.

A great collection of basses, recorded in many articulations is now available in Propellerhead Reason NN-XT format. Choose from: an Alembic 4 string Spoiler, an Alembic Spoiler 5-String recorded through an amp, an Acoustic Bass captured in either mono or stereo, a Fender Jazz, a Fender Precision, a Gibson Thunderbird, a Guild Ashbory (rubberband bass), a Guild Pilot 5-String, a Hofner Violin 500/1 Beatle Bass, a Hohner Fretless Acoustic Bass Guitar, Toucan Fretless, a Rickenbacker 4001 or Washburn AB-20 Fretless Acoustic Bass Guitar. Played with fingers or pick, select different pickup combinations, articulations, muted string variations (great for reggae), slap & pop and more.

These basses have been recorded with the highest quality mics, preamps, DI's and premium recording gear for optimal sound quality. They are very warm, fat and play very evenly. Direct recordings were made through a tube preamp, for additional warmth and roundness.

Doug Wamble Telecaster

In Doug Wamble's (Wynton Marsalis, Norah Jones) second Artist Series ReFill, he takes the iconic telecaster through seven complete recording sessions, each in a different tempo, style and key. In addition, Doug uses all three pickup positions (bridge, middle and neck) to capture the full spectrum of the Telecaster's unique tone.

With a huge selection of funky rhythm loops, soulful melodies, blues-drenched lead lines, and down home pickin', The Telecaster Sessions ReFill captures Wamble's incredible touch on the guitar, allowing you to easily layer and arrange the perfect track inside of Reason.

  • 212 REX2 Loops
  • 29 Dr Octo Rex Patches
  • 4 Kong Patches
  • Combinators
  • High Quality, 24-bit 48 kHz Audio

The Electrified! ReFill puts 9 electric guitars into your Reason Rack. It features vintage and modern guitars from a 1958 ES-175, or a 12 string Rickenbacker to a modern custom strat, through amps like a 1965 Blackface or a Marshall Stack. Clean and distorted.

Playing styles include: soft, medium, hard, muted notes, half step slides, open strings, harmonics, 4ths, 5ths, vibrato, bottle slide guitar, whammy-bar, up/down (for the 12 string), wa-wa's, noises and licks. There are velocity switches, velocity fades and more. This refill allows you to add dynamic, electric guitar to any style of music.

Electrified! Gives you 1 gig of sample data (uncompressed), 167 NNXT patches, and 35 Combinators.

  • 1958 Gibson ES-175 Clean: A 1958 'archtop' hollowbody played through a 1965 Fender Deluxe Amp. Fret noises. Bridge and Neck pickups
  • 1958 Gibson ES-175 Dist: The hollowbody w/ a Marshall Stack. Clean and Dist. Bridge and Neck pickups
  • 1967 Gibson ES-335 API 44K: Clean, dark 1967 hollowbody recorded direct via an API DI/preamp, every note sampled & has four velocity layers per/note plus a real MW to vibrato layer controlled from the mod wheel
  • 1967 Gibson ES-335 Clean: Through a '65 Fender Deluxe Amp. Some Sans Amp DI. Hard/Soft, Mutes, Harmonics
  • 1967 Gibson ES-335 Dist: Marshall Stack. Leads, Vibrato, Hammers and Pulls, Open Strings, 5ths, 4ths
  • 1969 Gibson Les Paul Dlx: '65 Deluxe/Rack processed. Clean and Dist leads. Mutes. 5ths. 1/2 Steps slides. Neck and Bridge pickups
  • 1969 Gibson Les Paul Mrs: Marshall Stack. Distorted and clean. Mutes. 5ths. Neck and Bridge pickups
  • 1971 Gretsch Roc Jet Dlx: Fender Deluxe. Clean and Dist. Neck and Bridge
  • 1971 Gretsch Roc Jet Mrs: Dist and Mutes. Neck and Bridge
  • 1973 Gibson 'SG': Mesa Boogie/rack processed. Vibrato. 5ths. Mutes
  • American Standard Telecaster: DI and rack processed. Soft/Hard. Picked and Plucked. Wa Was. 1/2 step slides. Noises and Hum. Pickups: Neck, Center, Bridge
  • Hagstrom 'Rat' Guitar: Marshall Stack/rack processed. Fuzztone to all out grunge. 5ths and noises
  • Rickenbacher 12 String: '65 Fender Deluxe. Open Stings and positions. Up. Down. Harmonics. Neck and Bridge
  • Roger Sadowsky Strat Bottle Slides: 1/2 Step. Up and Back. Straight(fingered) to Bottle Slide fades. Velocity Switches. Licks
  • Roger Sadowsky Custom Strat Clean: '65 Fender Deluxe and DI rack processed. Mutes. Fuzz. Tremolo Bar. Wa Was. Pickups: Neck. Center/Neck. Center. Center/Bridge. Bridge
  • Roger Sadowsky Custom Strat Dist: Marshall Stack/ rack processed. Velo switches and MW fades. Power 5ths. Vibrato. Sustaining loops and natural envelope
  • Strat Noizes and Endings: Hiss, Hum, scrapes. End stingers, wah's
Janek Gwizdala Electric Bass

While taking a break from his globetrotting tour schedule, acclaimed electric bassist, Janek Gwizdala (Randy Brecker, Mike Stern, V.V. Brown) stopped by The Loop Loft's studio in Boston to record this special collection of bass loops, configured specifically for use in Reason. Performed on Janek's custom Fodera electric bass and recorded through numerous Universal Audio preamps, these loops capture both the feel and sound that have made him one of the most in-demand musicians in the world.

Covering tempos and grooves ranging from slow dubbed-out reggae, to in-the-pocket James Jamerson-esque finger funk, to pounding drum 'n' bass riffs, this ReFill will provide you with endless inspiration (and plenty of low-end) that will bring your tracks to life.

  • 141 REX2 Loops
  • 18 Dr Octo Rex Patches
  • High Quality, 24-bit Audio
  • File size: 53 MB
Mystic Rhythm

All 93 of the main riffs, leads and chords are accompanied by guitar tail samples, so you can seamlessly finish off each loop by simply dropping its natural decay file into your project. We’ve also packed in both dry and effected versions of all the included guitar sounds. This means you have the flexibility to work instantly with our professionally tweaked and polished sounds, or apply your own amp sims and FX plugins to get things sounding just right.

With a strong emphasis on evocative melodic and rhythmic playing, as well as epic, dense processing, this loop library contains as much punch as it does soothing lullaby. From chunky R&B and Hip Hop riffs to soaring, evolving Ambient lead lines, a wealth of styles and flavors have been captured in these sparkling guitar files.

Ranging from 77 to 145Bpm, 'Mystic Rhythm' features loops arranged into sets so if you find a powerful chord progression or gliding lead you like, you'll also have complementing riffs, muted strums, harmonics, octave plucks and more to play with alongside.

  • 186 electric guitar loops (featuring both dry and FX versions)
  • 129 electric guitar tail samples (featuring both dry and FX versions)
  • loops arranged into 20 sets of sounds
  • all included sounds are formatted as ‘Reason Audio files’, meaning they will sync to the master tempo of your project
Triple Bass ReFill

Good things come in threes. This new Sonic Refill volume features three distinct bass types sampled by Sonic Reality: Acoustic, Upright and Electric Bass Guitar for Reason's NNXT sampler and hundreds of Synth Bass patches for Reason's Subtractor and Malström synthesizers.

Like bass libraries costing many times the price, this collection includes full tones played with finger and pick, mutes, slides, staccato notes, pulls, slaps and more—all from one value packed library.

From the deepest subtones to the smoothest warm bass you ever heard, the Triple Bass Refill delivers serious bang for the buck!

79 MB data, organized in 57 NNXT patches, 31 Malstrom patches and 31 Subtractor patches.

Triple Guitars ReFill

The Triple Guitars Refill offers three distinct types of guitars sampled by Sonic Reality: Electric, Acoustic Steel and Nylon. It includes patches for Reason's NNXT sampler as well as guitar synth lead patches for Reason's Subtractor and Malstrom synthesizers.

Featuring Taylor®, Gibson®, Fender® and other popular brands of 6 and 12 string guitars, this collection covers a wide range of playable guitar tones for many styles of music and offers an unprecedented variety of acoustic, electric and synth guitars for strumming, picking, soloing and more - all in one value package.


Released: 2015-03-09
Version: 1.0.0