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Audio examples

This Lyon & Healy Harp refill is sampled in 3 stereo layers across the range of the harp, using 2 Pearl elm A microphones for a natural, tonal balance. The harp player is Lillian Törnqvist who has been an orchestral and solo musician for more than three decades.

Product details

This refill is built up around 3 combinator patches for easy and fast inspiration.

The presets are: - Preset 1: Acoustic. This preset keeps a naturally sound but with "built in easy combinator tweaks" that shift the sound into new territories. Preset 1 can be heard on the demo song (using combinator tweaks).

  • Preset 2: Horror wannabe. This preset is good for all kinds of sound design, calling for deep resonant sound and hard attacks.

  • Preset 3: Piano wannabe. This preset could also have been called bass or guitar wannabe, with the combinator tweaks. It can blend into many styles.


Released: 2013-12-27
Version: 1.0.0