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How Reason Works

Reason 8 Tutorial


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How Reason Works

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In this 20-tutorial course by expert Hollin Jones, you dive deeper into Reason 8 to expose the inner workings of this powerful, multi-functional DAW. If you’re looking really understand what makes Reason tick and how best to take your music to the next level, watch this course!

Product details

It starts with a section explaining Reason’s workspace. Then you’re off to a series of tutorials about the different types of devices and how to create, manage and arrange them in the Rack. This is followed by a collection of tutorials that focus on sound design. You see how to rout and reroute Device cables to make creative, custom patches.

From there Hollin shows how to get MIDI into and out of your system to trigger internal and external sounds. Here’s where you learn how to control Reason’s modules using MIDI and other hardware and how to get total control over your sessions with Remote. Hollin then explores ReGroove and explains how to groove quantize your MIDI tracks and then compose/arrange them with Blocks as you build out your expert arrangement.

So join Reason expert, Hollin Jones, and learn all about all the different aspects of that make up this deep DAW. After taking this course you will definitely have the inside info on “How Reason Works!”

How Does It Work?

After buying this online course, you will receive your personal AskVideo access code and a URL that takes you directly to the AskVideo site. Just click the link and enter the code to start learning!

What's Inside?

  • Reason's Sections
  • Window Management
  • Creating Devices
  • The Transport Panel
  • Types of Devices
  • Rack Extensions
  • Device Management
  • Advanced Device Management
  • Managing Cables
  • Patches & Searching
  • MIDI Input
  • KBD Control Mode
  • MIDI Output
  • Controlling Without MIDI Hardware
  • Remote Override Mode
  • ReGroove
  • Blocks: The Basics
  • Preferences
  • Sound Banks
  • Wrap Up


Released: 2014-10-13
Version: 1.0.0