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Impulse Exploration 3
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Impulse Exploration 3

Impulse Responses

Navi Retlav Studio

Audio examples

The journey continues. This time we focused our attention on resonant
chambers, unusual small-spaces, rooms and corridors (spiced with unique
tonal character). These impulse responses will put your instruments in
tight-spaces that are unreachable in the real world.

Including organic, futuristic environments and psychedelic chambers, all surprisingly fitting
in a natural way. Just for this project, we pushed granular synthesis to the limits, mixing it with great sounding analog gear and a handful of our special algorithms, to make sure we delivered the most versatile and dynamics-rich product. Everything is ready for professional use, right out of the box; thanks to the precisely controlled tonality of the IRs. You won’t find anything like this in any other place, and we are fully proud of it. Just try it.