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Keyboard Loop Player 2

Playable synth loops

PinkNoise Studio

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Keyboard Loop Player 2

Keyboard Loop Player 2 is a loop based melodic arpeggiator & bass sequence player for Reason. This follow-up to the original KLP ReFill enables you to play melodic rex loops on your midi keyboard in a very easy and intuitive way. Play bass, arp and other rhythmic sequences and tweak them in real time.

Product details

Each Combinator patch contains 2x8 Rex loops. We have improved the original concept, and thanks to the advanced features of Dr.Octo Rex, now you can switch among these loops while you're playing. KLP2 gives you a totally new and inspiring way to mix, modify and tweak sequence runs on the fly.

40 Combinator patches to get instant inspirations:

  • 25 single arp
  • 15 dual arp

400 stereo 24bit rex loops from the following synths:

  • Access Virus C
  • Alesis Andromeda A6
  • Korg MS-20
  • Korg Poly-800 MKII
  • Korg Triton
  • MiniMoog Voyager
  • Roland D50
  • Roland Juno-60
  • Waldorf Microwave XTk

Demo songs and sounds available at


Released: 2013-06-26
Version: 1.0.0


PinkNoise Studio