Lo-Fi House 2
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Lo-Fi House 2

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Lo-fi vibez never die! We return with an essential second edition of warm, saturated, fuzzy and woozy loops and samples that give you that underground lo-fi aesthetic instantly.

Expect to find hundreds of warm tape-filtered loops, gritty drum grooves, dirty drum hits, dusty keys, analogue polychords and bumping basslines that all come with that saturated sonic goodness that defines the lo-fi house sound.

Crafted with classic analogue synths, tape and MPC sampling - alongside a raft of outboard pedals and effects - the results are truly unique, authentic and supremely inspiring - don’t sleep on it!

Beats > Gritty grooves and raw rhythms with that tape-trashed character. Think thudding kicks, crunchy snares, bouncing percs and heavy hats. Get the full mix and the stripped-out stems as standard.

Bass > Distortion-dipped riffs, analogue squares, sub-heavy rollers and modulated freakouts give you the low-end goods every time! All bass loops are key-labeled and supplied with MIDI where possible.

Keys & Synths > Shimmering e-piano licks and woozy tape processed progressions, assorted lo-fi keys and crackly chords that instantly inspire. Hazy poly synths, cloud-like pads, deep chords and raw stabs from classic analogue synths. All key-labeled and offered with MIDI variants where possible.

Percussion & Tops Loops > Gritty hats, jacked percussion grooves and textured kick-free loops oozing with lo-fi magic.

FX & Textures > Heavily processed synth elements and evolving patterns, atmospheric tools, processed noise and found sound, plus a folder of synth-based fx tools add the lo-fi depth to any mix.

Drum Hits & Kits > Stacks of lo-fi tape-bashed, crunched-up and down-graded drum one-shots from a variety of analogue and found-sound sources.

Melodic One-Shots > A treasure-trove of sampler-ready bass hits, chord samples and synth stabs to build custom melodics with ease.