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Mastering Lab

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In this course, by Reason expert and audio pro Mo Volans, you get a full-on education on how Reason’s mastering tools work and how to use them to power-up your precious tracks. He explains each one and how they must be ordered and tweaked to ensure that you get the most audio enhancement from your carefully mixed tracks. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skill to add that special audio magic to your tracks - right in Reason 8!

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  1. Getting Set Up 03:39
  2. Checking Your Master 05:38
  3. The Master Section 03:41
  4. Master Buss Compression 03:21
  5. Other Dynamics Processors 05:00
  6. Staying Punchy & Going Parallel 05:44
  7. The M-Class Mastering EQ 05:46
  8. Broad Strokes for Results 05:31
  9. Adding Flavor with EQ 03:48
  10. Going Wide then Narrow 05:45
  11. Three Ways to Saturation 05:04
  12. Mastering Verb? 02:45
  13. That Loudness Thing! 03:14
  14. Limiting Done Right 05:13
  15. Dithering & Delivery 03:23


Released: 2015-06-25
Version: 1.0.0