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"All sounds come from memory, and this is mine." Pushing the limits of Reason's sonic design, this refill gives you over 200 unique sounds and textures - all derived from a combination of Reason’s core synths; Subtractor, Malstrom and Thor.

Product details

This refill is broken up into sections by sound characteristic, where each patch aims to push the limits of Reason’s sonic design:

  • Analogue – 23 (Yep, even more analogue for your libraries)
  • Arcade Sounds – 10 (how nostalgic the world of Mario sounds)
  • Basses – 29 (from uniquely ferocious to sub-sonically smooth)
  • E-Pianos – 7 (electric pianos of all different colors)
  • Effects- 13 (for boosting your drums and adding color to synths)
  • Evolving/ Motions – 17 (LFO’s, Envelopes, and more)
  • Leads – 13 (Can’t forget those)
  • Out There – 30 (designed specifically to test the limits of reason synthesis)
  • Pads – 28 (Emotional and ambient)
  • Polysynth/ Specials – 27 (commercial polysynths to those O, so special sounds)
  • Sound Generators – 6 (numerous tweaks for multiple sound creations)
  • Vintage Sounds – 16 (my take on a few synthesizer sounds of the past)

*Cover art by Wendy Dunham


Released: 2013-01-14
Version: 1.0.0