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SM White Label

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Sample Magic's new boutique imprint 'SM White Label' announces its debut release with 180+MB of loops and hits inspired by the new wave of minimal techno sweeping the European underground. Combining full-fat beats, cone-rocking basslines, deep stabby synths and pared-down percussive loops, Minimal charts the territory between chunky peaktime workouts and hypnotic after-hours grooves to capture the essence of forward-thinking electronic music.

Product details

  • 15 Dr Octo Rex patches for Bass, Drum, Synth, Top, as well as several Percussion loops
  • 10 Hit type patches organized for hit type (Kicks, Hats, Snares & Claps, Percussion, and Synths) for Kong Drum Designer
  • 5 Custom kits for Kong Drum Designer
  • 5 NN-XT sampler patches containing samples organized by hit type (Kicks, Hats, Snares & Claps, Percussion, and Synth Shots

What Others Are Saying

"Taut drums, understated basslines, quirky percussion, groovy synth loops and more sit together with consistency, taste and bags of energy. The excellent one-shot are worthy of a special mention."

9 out of 10 - Computer Music

"We love the super precise, ticking and shuffling top ends and when teamed with the hollow booming beats and warm, effect-heavy synth loops - it's instant minimal heaven."

9 out of 10 - Future Music


Released: 2012-11-14
Version: 1.0.0


SM White Label