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Mixing Lab

Reason 8 Tutorial


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Mixing Lab

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Reason 8, with its massive mixer, devices and Rack Extensions, can “mix” it up with the best of the elite DAWs. Watch this course by Mo Volans and get some cool mixing tips that’ll make your tracks really shine!

Product details

This mix lab course opens up Reason's mixing toolbox and provides you with workflow tools that will give your tracks that solid, well-balanced and professionally-mixed sound. Trainer Mo Volans artfully takes you through all the stages of the mix from setting up the devices in the rack to advanced routing, processing and exporting techniques. And, all along the way, he explains the concepts and strategies of in-the-box mixing in Reason 8.

Mo also dishes up his favorite Reason mixing “knowledge gems” that are designed to help you unlock the hidden potential in your tracks. You learn about EQ, filtering bus compression, side-chain routing, reverb “flavors”, automation and the cool rack extensions that are specifically designed with the mixer in mind.

So join Mo in this Reason mixing lab and get some solid workflows and techniques that show how Reason 8 is absolutely destined to take your tracks from good to magnificent!


  • A Tour of the Console
  • Mix Devices in the Rack
  • Hot Swapping Channel Settings
  • Driving Dynamics
  • EQ Technique
  • Essential Filtering
  • Drag & Drop Returns
  • Groups & Parallels
  • Side Chain Routing
  • Using Rack Extensions
  • Vintage Echo Creation
  • Reverb Flavors
  • Level Automation
  • Bus Compression
  • Export & Dithering


Released: 2015-02-19
Version: 1.0.0