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Patches for Grain

Dark Dog Studios

Audio examples

Please note that this ReFill requires Reason 10!

At the heart of Mosaic, are the 378mb of carefully selected samples. These are a mix of real instruments, found objects, and field recordings from Dark Dog Studios, and Youtube recordings, or soundbites from old Creative Commons licensed B-grade movies. When fed into the Grain Sample Manipulator they act as the tesserae, or raw material, with which, Dark Dog Studios has lovingly crafted a total of 236 presets for this refill, all with that highly original, musical and character filled, and dare we say it, slightly barking mad sounds you can expect from Dark Dog Studios! Ideally suited as a starting point for musicians wishing to make more experimental music, but also surprisingly versatile and useful for more conventional music too. As usual with Grain you are free to drop your own samples into the presets to change the sound and texture, sometimes subtly, sometimes radically, to achieve your own personal sound.