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Playable synth loops

Nucleus SoundLab

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NanoSequences is a fresh set of REX loops recorded from wavesequences, electronic basslines, arpeggios and melodies by Nucleus SoundLab. It is the first ReFill to feature MultiLoop technology - which allows its loops to be playable across a massive range of octaves and BPMs.

Product details

Nucleus SoundLab presents both its first loop-based product and its first Reason 5 exclusive ReFill - NanoSequences. NanoSequences is a fresh set of REX format loops recorded from wavesequences, electronic basslines, arpeggios and melodies. But NanoSequences is more than just great sound content - its also about the innovative way in which this content is played back.

Nucleus SoundLab isn't content to create just another loop library and maintain the industry status quo. NanoSequences is the first in our series of MultiLoop ReFills. What MultiLoop means is that each loop is sampled at eight rootnotes and is playable from a MIDI keyboard. These eight loops are then loaded into the customized NanoSequences Combinator which utilizes the new Kong sampler. Depending on which key is played, the appropriate matching loop is triggered - free of any ugly transposition artifacts. MultiLoop ReFills are thus playable with high quality over an extremely large range of octaves and BPMs. All this adds up to make MultiLoop the the most flexible loop technology ever released for software or hardware! Regardless of what BPM or key your production is based on, you'll find NanoSequences fits in perfectly.

The loop content in NanoSequences comes from direct from our Viral Outbreak VST instrument. Additionally some of the content is sampled from Viral Outbreak add-ons such as VS Resurrection and SoundCell. All of these sounds together give NanoSequences a very diverse range of wavesequences. By harnessing these sequences using MultiLoop technology, you can bring their unique sound to your Reason productions.

  • 50 Loopsets comprised of 400 RX2 files
  • 450mb+ of loop content
  • Video documentation included
  • Extremely high-quality loops using MultiLoop technology
  • Requires Reason 5+ either standalone or together with Record

File size: 533 MB


Released: 2010-09-27
Version: 1.0.0


Nucleus SoundLab