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Oasys ROM Workstation

Combinator 2 Patches

DNA Labs

  • • Huge Bank of Combinator 2 Patches (248)
  • • Modern Hybrid Sounds (Sample Based & Synth)
  • • Endomorpher & Exomorpher Fx

Audio examples

For Full Compatibility The Following Are Required:

Reason+ or Reason 12
& Algoritm FM Synthesizer

The Oasys is a full fledged Combinator 2 Instrument capable of modern melodic sounds. At the heart of this instrument are both Algoritm Synthesizer and Mimic Sampler powering crisp modern sounds with tons of modulation from the Echo, Pulveriser, Rv7000, Eq, Imager , and more. The effects are just the beginning, there are Scales & Dual Arp Players connected for awesome new error free playing and chorded futuristic sounds. There is both Endomorpher & Exomorpher effects for a new dimesnional sound and more with full tweakability. There are musical filters and fx for cool new possibilities. There is a huge sound bank of new hybrid presets (Arps, Sequences, Pads, Plucked, Strings, Poly Synths, Chords, Leads, Bells, & Choirs). The Combinator 2 has opened tons of possibilities for the Reason Community!

Note: This is not a Rack Extension.