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Physical Therapy II

Sounds & Atmospheres

New Atlantis Audio

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Physical Therapy II

A followup to the best selling first edition, Physical Therapy Volume II blends exotic physical modeled plucked strings and tuned percussion, organic wind tones, lush textures, real nature field recordings and more to provide a set of expressive playable instruments that sound like nothing else on the planet.

Product details

Physical Therapy is not a loops collection. What you hear in the audio demo are individual instrument racks played in realtime from a basic MIDI keyboard. Complementary tones, arpeggiated motifs and outdoor nature scenes are layered and cleverly programmed within Combinators, enabling you to perform these rich, complex ensembles with ease.

The ensembles provide a tremendous amount of inspiration and exploration. The diverse set of plucked string instrument racks range from ethnic-inspired steel to guitar-esque nylon to piano-like hammered tones - generated from a variety of acoustic body emulations. Add to that a great selection of mallet instruments modeling a variety of materials, hand percussion loops and hits and outdoor stereo wildlife scenes - and you've got a tremendous amount of organic sonic power at your fingertips. Flexible, independent control over different parts, effects and tones make for a fun, inspiring and extremely tweakable toolset of original sounds which are sure to breathe all sorts of new life into any music or scoring project.

Contains: 73 Combinator Instruments and Ensembles, 43 NN-19s, 11 Rex Found Sound Hand Drum Loops, 100 Hand Drum Hits, 5 Stereo Field Recordings, all 24 bit audio, instant download.

File size: 94 MB


Released: 2010-07-08
Version: 1.0.0


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