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Physical Therapy

Sounds & Atmospheres

New Atlantis Audio

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Physical Therapy

Exotic physically modeled mallet and percussion instruments infused with sounds of nature. This extremely unique ReFill features a wide variety of beautiful and unusual organic tones that blur the line between the real world and the synthetic. Rich, modeled glass, wood, metal mallet and drum instruments alongside real nature field recordings and dramatic pads.

Product details

Physical Therapy is not a collection of loops. What you hear in the audio demos are single Combinator ensembles being played from a keyboard. By layering physically modeled mallet and percussion instruments with organic textures and nature field recordings, we've designed a unique set of instruments that are unlike anything else you've heard.

You'll find a wide variety of powerful and inspiring sounds, conveniently organized for fast access. There are rich wood marimbas, exotic glass bells, dramatic metal chimes, gorgeous drum and percussion kits and beautiful nature field recordings sure to breathe new life into your music and film scores.

Under The Hood

We used a combination of physical modeling hardware and software to craft this unique collection of instruments, kits and ensembles. Additionally, we recorded some beautiful nature field recordings including birds, a flowing stream, night insects and waves lapping on a rocky beach. Using the power of the Combinator, all of these 24 bit sounds are brought to life as playable musical instruments.

Freeze Frame

Lock your mallet arps and jam over them with the accompanying pads, strings and nature sounds.

Back to Nature

Beautiful, looping 24 bit nature field recordings to set the scene for your music and film score tracks.

Super Tweakable

Loads of tone shaping possibilities and realtime control from subtle characteristics to filter madness.

Requirements: Reason 4 or higher

Contains: 54 Combinators, 25 NN-19s, 6 ReDrum Kits, 5 Scream Patches, 4 Field Recordings, 8 Backdrops

Audio Quality: 24 bit


Released: 2009-11-24
Version: 1.0.0


New Atlantis Audio