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Polar Elements

Sounds & Atmospheres

New Atlantis Audio

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Polar Elements

Icy pads, frozen atmospheres and chilled out elements for Reason 4. This unique collection of Combinator instruments has been designed with advanced sampling, resynthesis and sound design techniques, resulting in sounds unlike anything else. Designed for maximum inspiration and creative possibilities to take your music and film scores to completely new places.

Product details

Each of these Combinators is its own unique instrument, with its own expressive qualities and feel. Every one is powered by unique source material and is designed to inspire. Get creative with this powerful set of musical tools and add serious depth and drama to your music or film score projects.

You'll find a wide variety of unique instruments, conveniently organized for fast access. There are cinematic Atmospheres & FX, majestic Bell & Percussive tones, expressive Melodic instruments and a slew of drop dead gorgeous Pads & Strings, all with a distinct and dramatic wintry vibe.

Under The Hood

We used creative production techniques, advanced sampling, resynthesis and sound design to craft the complex 24 bit waveforms that power each instrument. To ensure maximum tweakage and variety, custom routing, effects and performance controls were designed for each to bring endless inspiration and possibilities.

Tweakable, Versatile

Loads of possibilities. Morph from evolving pads to tempo-synced arpeggios with a click.

Heads-Up Controls

When one control is reliant upon another, you'll find arrows indicating this right on the panel.

Creative Routing

Every instrument has been meticulously designed for maximum inspiration and musicality.

Requirements: Reason 4 or higher

Contains: 100 Combinator Instruments

Audio Quality: 24 bit


Released: 2009-11-24
Version: 1.0.0


New Atlantis Audio