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PT-80 ReImagined

Loops & Samples

Heetland Productions

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PT-80 ReImagined

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Based on samples from the mid-1980's Casio toy, the PT-80 ReImagined ReFill exploits the power of Reason's samplers, effects, Rack Extensions, and the Dr. Octo Rex loop player to bring a little nostalgia and a lot of updated imagination to these classic sounds.

PT-80 ReImagined includes all the original melodic sounds, chords, and drum / accompaniment rhythms, PLUS new patches and combinators based on the original PT-80 tones.

Product details

When Casio released the PT-80 keyboard, it was aimed at the home market and intended primarily as a toy. However, when the PT-80 joins the power of Reason, the result is a serious musical instrument indeed. Reason extends the PT-80 from its original two-and-a-half treble octaves to a full range of notes; the original monophonic sounds become fully polyphonic; and Reason's filters, effects, and utilities add warmth, depth, and dimension to the original sounds.

Heetland Productions' PT-80 ReImagined ReFill gives you a variety of leads, pads, basses, and special FX in easy-to-tweak NN-XT and Combinator patches. These allow you to quickly dial in the sounds you want, then modify them in real time through automation to create moving sounds unique to your tracks.

We have also included a few custom effects: a Haas stereo widener, a custom 8-way crossfader/wavetable, and a triple-filter gate inspired by Reason's Alligator—and ALL THREE are compatible with Reason Essentials.

Please note: In order to get the most out of the Reason environment, most of the included patches are Combinators that employ other Rack Extensions to create their unique sound.

These free Rack Extensions are an important part this ReFill:
(Click on the RE’s name to go to the associated page in the Prop Shop.)

Two additional Rack Extensions are used in this ReFill (and you may already have them):

  • Propellerheads’ Synchronous (Included free with Reason 10)
  • Propellerheads’ Audiomatic (Used in a few of the patches, included free with Reason 7)

ReFill contents:

  • 19 Basics: The original sounds of the PT-80, set up in the NN-XT sampler
  • 18 Lead Patches
  • 24 Bass Patches
  • 15 Pad Patches
  • 3 Drum patches: The original drum sounds, plus several improvements on the sounds
  • 7 FX and Utility Combinators
  • 86 total patches
  • 524 REX files, covering ALL of the rhythmic and chord patterns the PT-80 can produce
  • 10 demo songs in Reason song file format – featuring only sounds from Heetland Productions’ PT-80 ReFill – are included as examples of how to effectively deploy some of the included patches.

System Requirements:

  • Propellerheads’ Reason version 6.5 or later
  • Also install the Rack Extensions listed above


Released: 2018-04-19
Version: 1.0.0