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Rave Renaissance
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Rave Renaissance

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Get on a mad one with this knee-wobbling slice of 90s rave revival!

M25 and Mitzi madness ensues across hundreds of authentic UK rave tools guaranteed to make your trax bang! Load up on filthy hoover basslines, pure 303 acid lines, classic synth stabs and pads, jackin’ drum machine grooves, soundsystem-style vocal snippets that will transport you back to the second summer of love. Let’s get on one matey!

Drum Loops > Classic drum machine grooves and reworked custom breaks in the old skool style. These are pure 90s rave track-backers! All beats come with a full mix and all the stripped stems, giving you total flexibility to build your beats with ease. All served at 130bpm.

Acid Loops > Filthy acid riffs bursting with rave nostalgia! Get that quintessential acid sound instantly with these key- and tempo-synced loops. Served with MIDI for maximum flexibility.

Bass Loops > Reese hoovers, driving mono-riffs, thick analogue loops oozing with warmth and character. All key-labeled and served with MIDI variants.

Stab Loops > Secret stash of ready-to-rave stab progressions! Resampled piano stabs, 90s synth rave shots, deep FM organs, reversed stab riffs and more. Drop in your DAW and you’re good to go. All loops are key-labeled and served with MIDI where possible.

Synth Loops > From wonky and weird to analogue and atonal - stacks and full-fat synth workouts inspired by the 90s rave revolution. All loops are key-labeled and offered with MIDI for total melodic control.

Chord Loops > Dream-like chords, wide pads, deep filtered progressions and more: blissed out melodics for the rave generation. Key-labeled and served with MIDI.

Percussion and Tops Loops > Added rhythm dimensions with this choice selection of jacked-up percussive grooves.

Vocal Loops > Instant top-line titillation with diva vocal cuts, pitched and cut acapellas, chopped hooks and more.

FX Loops > Dub hits, circuit-shorting risers and falls, drones, drops, sirens and more. All tempo-synced for ease of use.

Drum Hits > Choice selection of retro-analogue-style drum hits. Custom layered and designed drum sounds that evoke the 90s era but with a modern production punch. Contains folders of kicks, snares, claps, cymbals, hats, percussion and bonus stabs and pads.