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Reason 8 Explained

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Reason 8 Explained

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At over 3 hours of runtime, studio tech meister Todd Tatnall brings you Reason 8 Explained, covering all the important basics, as well as some advanced topics that will get you up and running with Propellerheads amazing Reason 8 DAW in no time.

Product details

Todd starts with the important basics such as Installation and Authorization, followed by Interface Basics, Configuring Your Preferences, Keyboards and Control Surfaces. Next, Todd discusses how to Work with Song Files, Using the Rack, Sequencing MIDI and Choosing and Using the Different Tracks available in Reason 8.

Advanced Sequencing is next, and you’ll learn all about Loop Mode, Edit Mode, Song vs Block Modes and more. The Browser is then revealed and you’ll discover how powerful it truly is when picking Presets, Loops, and more for your productions.

The Mixer is then explained in detail, as well as the Master Section. Working with MIDI, Audio, Patterns, and Patches is also covered in-depth, preparing you for serious composition and production work in Reason 8.

Wrapping up the series, Todd gives you great videos on Routing Devices, Rack Extensions, Sampling and Exporting and Sharing Your Music with the World… If you use Reason 8, why not use it like a pro? Get “Reason 8 Explained” today!

What’s Inside

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Interface Basics
  4. General Preferences
  5. Audio Preferences
  6. Keyboards & Control Surfaces
  7. Advanced Preferences
  8. Working with Song Files
  9. Using the Rack
  10. Using the Sequencer
  11. Working with Tracks
  12. Advanced Sequencing Pt. 1
  13. Advanced Sequencing Pt. 2
  14. The Browser
  15. The Mixer Pt. 1
  16. The Mixer Pt. 2
  17. The Mixer Pt. 3
  18. The Master Section
  19. Working with MIDI
  20. Working with Audio
  21. Working with Patterns
  22. Working with Patches
  23. Routing Devices
  24. Rack Extensions
  25. Sampling
  26. Exporting & Sharing


Released: 2014-12-09
Version: 1.0.0