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Record Drum Takes vol.3 - Dry Indie
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Record Drum Takes vol.3 - Dry Indie

Multi-tracked drums

Reason Studios

  • • Full song drum takes: intro, fills and variations
  • • 2 multi-tracks: Arvika 76 BPM, Klippan 110 BPM
  • • Play alongside or copy & paste to your own track

Record Drum Takes arrives in Record song format, with logically laid out multitrack arrangements containing traditional song parts followed by a host of fills and variations. Play along to the RDT drum arrangements, or simply paste them into your existing song – your entire drum mix will follow right along, and utilizing Record's auto-stretch function, Drum Takes will instantly adapt to your song's tempo.

Again, the name suggests what this is - Dry Indie drums that are best served shaken, not stirred. The sound is compact and hints on a 70s studio setting.