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Resounding CBV Accordion

Wavetable instrument


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Resounding CBV Accordion

CBV Accordion is an NN-XT based wavetable-/vector-synthesizer ReFill that allows you to play your MIDI-accordion or keyboard just like a real accordion! Featuring 686 waveforms, 52 patches, 10 instruments - whatever relation you have to the accordion, this is a truly unique and inspiring ReFill.

Product details

An accordion works fundamentally different from instruments like the piano or a keyboard. Expression, sound and accents base upon the bellows movement and the pressure applied by the player, the way one plays the keys or buttons is secondary. Keyboard expression however is based on velocity sensitivity.

CBV Accordion addresses this problem. The pressure sensors of a MIDI-accordion are mapped to volume and sound-character of the synthesizer. CBV uses three layers of waveforms and blends from one layer to the next as the player changes pressure over time, each layer has a different sound character. Just like a real accordion. We used ideas from wavetable- and vector-synthesis to model an instrument with the same expression-properties as an accordion. We didn’t aim for prefect realism, but vivid dynamics, therefore we call it a synthesizer, although it is built on Reason’s NN-XT-Sampler.

For keyboard players CBV allows to control the expression using the mod-wheel. There are also standard velocity-based patches.

Links & More Info

Product Website

Product Manual (PDF)


  • A wavetable-/vector-synthesizer containing 686 unique waveforms
  • Three velocity layers for vivid expression
  • The quadra-fade-method allows using the bellow-expression of your MIDI-accordion
  • Expression changes volume and character of the sound
  • Contains expression- and velocity-based patches
  • Use your keyboard and mod-wheel to play like a real accordion
  • Has 4', 8', 16' and tremolo stops (reeds)
  • 10 instruments (52 patches)
  • 11 effect patches
  • Valve open/close sound


Released: 2012-09-12
Version: 1.0.0