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The Combinator

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The Combinator

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This 44 tutorial-video Windows and Mac compatible download course shows you how to use Reason's classic Combinator in cool new ways for bigger synths, better beats, and masterful remixes!

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Of all the instruments and FX in Reason— and Record—no other device is as simple, powerful, and as mysterious as the Combinator.

In this tutorial, G.W. Childs, one of the original Combinator sound designers for Reason 3 and 4, gives you step by step examples detailing the ‘ins and outs’ of the Combinator. He also shows you how to create powerful new Combinators using hot new instruments like Kong.

You'll get in-depth examples of how to design your own elaborate and powerful instruments by combining instruments and FX together. Additionally, you’ll learn how to create your own FX presets by combining loads of different FX devices. You’ll even get cool examples on how to remix your own tracks using the Combinator!

This course also includes an exclusive Refill collection designed by G.W. exclusively for this course. You can use its presets to follow along, or just use the performance Combinators, drum Combinators, and FX Combinators for your own musical creations.

Think of this tutorial as a Combinator cookbook, giving you examples on how to build beastly audio pies that are not only savory, but killer! This tutorial, originally created in a previous version, is forward compatible with Reason 7 and beyond.

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How Does It Work?

After buying this online course, you will receive your personal AskVideo access code and a URL that takes you directly to the AskVideo site. Just click the link and enter the code to start learning!

Included Tutorial Videos

  1. Introduction
  2. Installing the Refill
  3. Creating your own Combinator
  4. The Rack within the Combinator
  5. Understanding the Combinator
  6. A Tour of the Combinator
  7. The Back of the Combinator
  8. The Importance of Naming Devicesv
  9. Planning your Combinator
  10. Integrating a Matrix in to a Synth
  11. How to remove Programmer Setting
  12. Assigning the Matrix to Combinator
  13. Mixing a Synthesizer Combinator
  14. Wrapping up a Synth Combinator
  15. Introduction to Drum Machine Combinator
  16. Understanding Keyzones
  17. Working with Multiple Matrixes
  18. Creating Matrix Patterns for Drums
  19. Assigning Rotaries and Buttons
  20. Mixing your Drum Combinator
  21. Setting up a Mod Wheel Assignment
  22. Introduction to Ambience

  23. Setting up Sound Sources Pt 1

  24. Setting up Sound Sources Pt 2
  25. Using Rotaries and Buttons to Mix and Cue
  26. Setting up FX
  27. Introduction to Performance Based Combinators
  28. Setting up a Dr Rex
  29. Setting up Synths
  30. Program Synths and Key Splits
  31. Using other Sources
  32. Mixing a Performance
  33. Arpeggiators
  34. Introduction to CombinatorRemixing
  35. Remixing a Song
  36. Remixing a Song
  37. Creating Multi-FX Unit for DJs Pt 1
  38. Creating Multi-FX Unit for DJs Pt 2
  39. Creating Multi-FX Unit for DJs Pt 3
  40. Creating Multi-FX Unit for DJs Pt 4
  41. Creating Multi-FX Unit for DJs Pt 5
  42. Combinator Drum Replacement Pt 1
  43. Combinator Drum Replacement Pt 2
  44. Conclusion


Released: 2013-10-22
Version: 1.0.0