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Thor Hydro Future Pads

Patches for Thor

Cube 6 Technology

  • • 153 inspiring Thor patches

Audio examples

Feel the deep waves of futuristic ecstacy enter your realm…. The Thor Hydro Future Pads Refill contains super high quality patches designed to display the gigantic synthesized power of Propellerhead’s Thor Synthesizer. This sound bank has a carefully designed selection of sounds ranging from huge insane new pads, gated synths, divine new bells , to contemporary style modulated poly synths. This refill has 153 patches of various synth types (Bell Synths, Gated, Lead Synths, Pads, Choirs, Textures, Keys, Mono Synths, and Poly Synths) containing a healthy amount of insanely unique synth material. Elaborate modulation, evolving filters, panning, delays, reverbs, stereo imaging and effects create brilliant modern synthesis for any genre. The Thor Hydro Future Pads Refill will definitely inspire the creativity in any producer or artist!